Individuals, groups and agencies can partner with us as volunteers in two ways:


  • Help with Houses: we need both skilled and unskilled volunteers to help renovate, repair, and rehabilitate homes to be ready for new families, and/or to help renovate and equip the Transformation Center. Individuals can join us most any Thursday morning in Garden Square (see the Blog page of this site for latest updates and announcements). Larger groups can contact us to identify needs and schedule work days. Contact us at info@transformationmontgomery.com.

Transformation Teams

  • Partner with People: team members with a wide variety of skills are needed to join Transformation Teams who will circle around program participants to provide the support, wisdom and resources they need to achieve their goals in transitioning out of poverty. The first step to volunteering is participation in our “When Helping Hurts” program, a foundational course that teaches our core philosophy of giving people a hand up, not a hand out, understanding the dynamics behind poverty and how to come alongside those in need in ways that honor their dignity. Contact Peggy Spaeth at peggy@transformationmontgomery.com

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