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8 copyAt Transformation Montgomery, we love our city and seek to bring change for good to everyone in the Montgomery area. We believe that a city can be best measured by how it treats its most vulnerable members. When we work to make a better community for those in poverty, we make it better for everyone.

At its core, poverty is not merely a financial condition; it is a spiritual and relational condition. Lasting change for good starts with faith in the possibilities of a better future; it grows when we create hope through responsible steps of action; and it comes to maturity when we express love by building relationships of mutual care and respect. That’s what Transformation Montgomery is all about.

Transforming houses is where we begin, because our homes and neighborhoods are the place we live out our goals and dreams for our families and our future. Our neighborhoods are where we make our connections to meaningful work, to education, and to the broader relationships of society.

However, we don’t stop with housing. Ultimately, Transformation Montgomery is about transforming lives. We seek to bring a holistic approach that speaks to all human needs: food and shelter, safety and security, meaningful relationships, self-esteem and self-actualization, and relationship to God.

Transformation Montgomery is faith-based in our beliefs but inclusive in our approach. That means that while we unapologetically hold up Jesus Christ as the ultimate source of transformation, we welcome all who want to make a difference for good in Montgomery regardless of religious affiliation. We don’t ask program participants or volunteers to accept our Christian beliefs as a precondition for being involved; in return, we ask that those who choose to partner with us accept and expect that they will hear us talking frequently about the message of Jesus—both as a part of our daily lives and as a key component in our vision of a transformed city.

Board of Directors

  • John Sport, Chair
  • Judy Houston, Vice Chair
  • Jim Vinson, Secretary/Treasurer
  • John Ed Mathison
  • Larry Summerlin
  • Robert Murphy
  • Tom Hollingshead
  • Everett Jeffcoat
  • Khristin Carlson

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Mission Statement

Transformation Montgomery is a nonprofit community-development organization that seeks to transform people and communities in Montgomery out of poverty through affordable home ownership, community renewal, and life-skills mentoring and training.

Focus Statement

Consistent with its mission, Transformation Montgomery is built on 3 Pillars of Transformation.  Individually and together, these Pillars evoke transformation in the person and in the community.  Transformation Montgomery devotes and limits its energy, resources and relationships to advancing the 3 Pillars of Transformation.  The 3 Pillars and the function of each are as follows:

  • Pillar I 

    Affordable home ownership:  To provide affordable home ownership in the Garden Square neighborhood of Montgomery to eligible Montgomerians who have demonstrated the interest, will, and responsibility required to own their own homes.

  • Pillar II 

    Community renewal:  To operate, staff, and equip the Transformation Center, a multi-function facility in the Garden Square neighborhood that provides classes, services and meeting space for the people living in and around Garden Square for purposes consistent with transforming the people and the neighborhood.

  • Pillar III  

    Life-skills mentoring and training:  To educate the community about poverty and to provide Montgomerians with relationships, training, and accountability that will holistically equip them with the skills and attitude necessary to rise out of poverty and to forever live productive, responsible, and independent lives.

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