Transformation Tools Workshops

Transformation Tools are the third step in the transition out of poverty, after participants have already gone through the introductory Getting Ahead workshop and formed their Transformation Team.

Transformation Tools Workshops are practical learning environments to discover and practice Life Skills that enable you to reach the goals you develop for yourself in your Getting Ahead plan. You can participate in any or all of them based on your needs and desires.

These workshops are still in a dreaming stage. We expect our first Tools workshops to be workshops for developing Financial Literacy (how to create and maintain a budget) and Personal Career Development. Future plans for development include:

  • The Vision Tool: changing my view of the future, seeing the possibilities, nurturing hope and generating motivation
  • The Responsibility Tool: strengthening my ability to shape my own response to crisis by taking ownership of my attitude
  • The Association Tool: managing my relationships so they work for me, not against me, because my friendships determine my destiny
  • The Self Image Tool: changing the story I tell myself about who I am so I can change the story of who I will become
  • The Discipline Tool: developing the determination to endure short term pain so I can make long term gain
  • The Faith Tool: strengthening my resolve to run the race of life with perseverance even when things look impossible because of my ability to visualize the unseen realities that ensure my ultimate triumph
  • The Planning Tool: refusing to allow anyone, including myself, to steal my greatest treasure—my time—by creating a plan to manage the predictable events of my life before they happen so that I am free to respond to the unexpected
  • The Wealth Tool: maximizing my resources by working a budget that plans out my income and my expenses
  • The Work Tool: building and defending my house of progress with my own hands by identifying the character needed to obtain and maintain work
  • The Love Tool: transforming myself from brokenness and self-pity to wholeness and self-giving by seeing the power I have to impact the lives of others for good