Your Path Out of Poverty

Poverty has been defined as the “extent to which someone does without resources.” Those resources include not just money but 11 Essential Resources of a community. Transformation Montgomery helps to change lives by empowering participants to begin building those resources.

Participants in Transformation Montgomery are not offered a “program” that will get you out of poverty; rather, you are offered a relationship with friends who will help you create your own path out of poverty. That path includes three main steps:

  1. Join a Getting Ahead workshop to identify your resources and set your goals for transitioning out of poverty
  2. Partner with a Transformation Team—of which you will be the Team Leader—to work alongside you in achieving your goals

In addition, if home ownership is one of your goals, Transformation Montgomery can help you achieve that dream through the Steps to Home Ownership.

To get started exploring your own path out of poverty, contact Peggy Spaeth at

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