Mission and Focus Statement

Mission Statement

Transformation Montgomery is a nonprofit organization that seeks to transform lives one person, one family, one neighborhood at a time through holistic life skills training, relational community renewal, and affordable home ownership.

Focus Statement

Consistent with its mission, Transformation Montgomery is built on 3 Pillars of Transformation.  Individually and together, these Pillars evoke transformation in the person and in the community.  Transformation Montgomery devotes and limits its energy, resources and relationships to advancing the 3 Pillars of Transformation.  The 3 Pillars and the function of each are as follows:

  • Pillar I — Life-skills mentoring and training:  To educate the community about poverty and to provide the people of Montgomery with relationships, training, and accountability that will holistically equip them with the skills and attitude necessary to rise out of poverty and to forever live productive, responsible, and independent lives.
  • Pillar II — Community renewal:  To operate, staff, and equip the Transformation Center, a multi-function facility in the Garden Square neighborhood that provides classes, services and meeting space for the people living in and around Garden Square for purposes consistent with transforming the people and the neighborhood.
  • Pillar III — Affordable home ownership:  To provide affordable home ownership in the Garden Square neighborhood of Montgomery to eligible Montgomerians who have demonstrated the interest, will, and responsibility required to own their own homes.

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