Steps to Home Ownership

Home ownership is a key to both building generational individual wealth, and a driver of community renewal, because home owners have a greater sense of investment in the common good of the city.

Transformation Montgomery offers Steps to Home Ownership, a process for making the dream of home ownership a reality. The Steps are personalized for each participant but generally follows these major steps:

  1. Graduate from a Getting Ahead Workshop
  2. Become a Transformation Team leader and begin working with your team and acquiring Transformation Tools
  3. As houses become available, sign a lease agreement and move in
  4. Successfully complete home ownership preparation program (typically including 1-3 years of lease payments)
  5. Convert lease to a mortgage, with lease payments converted to the down payment
  6. Maintain an ongoing supportive relationship with the Transformation Team through follow-up training and community ministry
  7. Become an agent of transformation yourself by becoming a sponsor for someone else

For more information or to apply to be a part of the Steps, contact Peggy Spaeth at