11 Essential Resources

These are the resources Transformation Montgomery seeks to build in lives, in families, and in our community.

  1. Financial: having enough income to purchase goods and services and to save or invest for the future. Having an educated understanding of how money works; being financially literate.
  2. Emotional: being able to choose and control emotional responses, particularly to negative situations, without engaging in self-destructive behavior; interpersonal skills like teamwork, teaching others, leadership, negotiation, and working with people from diverse backgrounds.
  3. Mental: having the cognitive ability and acquired skills (reading, writing and computing) to deal with daily life; education and training to compete in the workplace for well paying jobs and/or run a business
  4. Language: having the vocabulary, language ability, and negotiation skills to succeed in the work and/or school environment
  5. Social: having friends, family, and backup “support systems” available to access in times of need
  6. Physical: having physical health and mobility
  7. Spiritual: having a faith that divine guidance and strength, and a spiritual community of prayer, worship, and support
  8. Trust: having relationships of integrity, predictability, dependability, and safety
  9. Motivation: having motivation, energy, and drive to prepare, plan for, and complete projects, jobs, and personal changes
  10. Models: having frequent access to adults who are role models of appropriate, nurturing behavior, and model avoiding self-destructive behaviors
  11. Knowledge: insight to understand the hidden rules, unspoken cues and habits of poverty, middle class, and wealthy classes

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